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This is How You make Waves in Pakistan (and Elsewhere Too)
Thu Apr 10 2014, Huffington Post  
Humaira Shahid is a name you may not know, but you definitely should.

Equal Pay and Some Common Sense
Fri Apr 4 2014, Huffington Post  
In the United States, we'll mark Equal Pay Day on April 8 this year. This day, unfortunately, is when women's wages catch up

An Interview with Laura Henderson
Tue Apr 1 2014, Smart Girls Group  
The Smart Girls Group was started by a little girl who asked each morning, "Mommy, do I look like a smart girl?"

Let Other Children Follow in Lupita's Footsteps
Fri Mar 7 2014, Huffington Post  
Unfortunately, not all children in developing countries like Lupita's native Kenya have the same chance for education that she did.

International Women's Day
Fri Mar 7 2014, Wisconsin Public Radio  
Saturday, March 8th is International Women's Day and president of Women Thrive Worldwide discusses the status of women's rights.

Back to the Past in Afghanistan
Wed Mar 5 2014, Huffington Post  
Across the country, extremists have become increasingly vocal in their efforts to roll back hard-fought gains for women and girls...

Plight of World's Women Must Be Addressed
Mon Mar 3 2014, Arizona Daily Star  
Saturday is International Women's Day, a 105-year-old annual call to action for women's equality.

Protecting women: Honda, Boxer sponsor bills to help prevent violence against women around the world
Fri Oct 18 2013, San Jose Mercury News  
You've probably watched terrifying footage from Syria's protracted civil war.

Another View: Female farmers need to have their voices heard, too
Thu Oct 17 2013, Des Moines Registrar  
You won't see the women of Mujeres Unidas en Acción (Women United in Action) at the World Food Prize meetings in Des Moines this week.

Resilience in the Face of Violence
Wed May 29 2013, The Huffington Post  
Late last week, I saw a story on CNN that struck a chord with me. It profiled Sonali Mukherjee, a young woman in India...

"They don't want to go back": Ritu Sharma of Annapolis, who illuminates the plight of women in the developing world, has great hope for the future
Sat May 18 2013, The Baltimore Sun  
March is Women's History Month, but the headlines give us little to celebrate.

Raising Women's Voices
Thu Apr 25 2013, The Huffington Post  
Women and children make up the majority of people in the world who live on less than $1 a day.

Op-Ed: Hope, Haiti and an End to Gender-Based Violence
Tue Apr 23 2013,  
The global epidemic of violence against women and girls can be addressed by how America spends its foreign aid funds.

After Hillary Clinton, who will fight for women?
Tue Dec 4 2012, POLITICO  
Will anyone else bring the same dedication and focus to improving the lives of women around the world as Hillary? Written by Women Thrive President Ritu Sharma

Ritu Sharma featured in State Department's "Women in the World" report
Wed Oct 17 2012, Women Thrive Worldwide website  
State Department report features chapter by Ritu Sharma explaining how community-based organizations can empower women to overcome poverty.

Women Thrive Welcomes White House Release of New Strategy to End Global Violence Against Women and Girls
Fri Aug 10 2012, Women Thrive Worldwide website  
On Friday, August 9, the White House announced the US's new strategy to end violence against women & girls. Ritu Sharma spoke at the event.

Ending Violence Against Women Worldwide
Thu Jul 12 2012, WAMU 88.5 NPR  
Ritu Sharma spoke on the Diane Rehm Show about the complicated nature of gender based violence and possible strategies to end it.

Ritu Sharma combatting global abuse against women
Fri Jun 15 2012, ABC 7  
Ritu Sharma, Co-Founder and President of Women Thrive Worldwide, was featured recently as ABC's Working Woman.

Violence is no "women's issue"
Thu Apr 19 2012, Politico  
An op-ed about why violence against women is more than just a "women's issue" and what we need to do to make men allies in the fight

Women Thrive's Fourth Annual International Women's Day Breakfast
Mon Mar 5 2012, The Hill  
Women Thrive hosted a breakfast March 1st to kick off Women's History Month and to spread awareness about violence towards women and girls.

The Jim Bohannon Show with Special Guests Ritu Sharma, Joe Keefe and David Rubin
Mon Mar 5 2012, The Jim Bohannon Show  
Women Thrive's own Ritu Sharma and Joe Keefe discuss the importance of legislation against violence against women with host Jim Bohannon

Maria Bello converts acting to activism in Haiti
Fri Mar 2 2012, The Examiner  
Actress and activist Maria Bello participated as a panelist during Women Thrive Worldwide's 4th Annual International Women's Day Breakfast

Maria Bello converts acting to activism in Haiti
Fri Mar 2 2012, The Examiner  
Actress and activist Maria Bello participated as a panelist during Women Thrive Worldwide's 4th Annual International Women's Day Breakfast

Maria Bello Helping Women Thrive
Thu Mar 1 2012, CNN  
Actress and activist Maria Bello talks about Women Thrive's International Women's Day event on ending violence against women and girls

Tools for Helping Women in Africa's Challenged Areas
Thu Feb 2 2012, FOX 5  
Ritu Sharma talks about her experience living on less than $1 a day in Burkina Faso and how it helps shape her work in advocating for women

Men in Finance Have 'Reprehensible' Dominance
Tue Jan 31 2012, Bloomberg  
Women Thrive's Joe Keefe explains while the finance sector employs many women, there are very few women in management or board position

Ritu Sharma, Women Thrive Worldwide, President and Co-Founder
Sun Dec 18 2011, CSPAN  
Ritu Sharma talks about the role US policy plays in improving the lives of women and girls worldwide and the potential impact of buget cuts

Women seen key to solving hunger issues in Africa
Fri Dec 16 2011, Reuters  
Women Thrive President, Ritu Sharma, is quoted in a statement about how women are critical because of their role in feeding the family

Investing in Female Famers, Co-ops Proven Solutions
Mon Oct 17 2011, USAgNet  
Summary of the World Food Prize conference in Des Moines. The panel discussion focused on women's role in addressing global food security.

Discussion with Ritu Sharma on Global Hunger Issues
Fri Oct 14 2011, Iowa Public Radio  
Host Ben Kieffer talks with Ritu Sharma, the Co-Founder and President of Women Thrive Worldwide, about global hunger.

A Solution for a Struggling Global Economy: Gender Equality
Fri Oct 14 2011, Forbes  
Women Thrive's Ritu Sharma and Joe Keefe encourage private sector and global policy makers to take the next steps by investing in women.

One Girl's Courage
Wed Oct 12 2011, New York Times  
Nicholas Kristof endorses the International Violence Against Women Act by linking to Women Thrive's analysis in his article

WOW 98.3 FM Interview with Ritu Sharma
Wed Oct 12 2011, Fallon Forum  
Women Thrive's Ritu Sharma was a guest on the Fallon Forum speaking about the World Food Prize activities and Women Thrive's work

Economic Gain Through Gender Equality
Tue Sep 20 2011, Diane Rehm Show  
Ritu Sharma, World Bank President Robert Zoellick and Kakenya Ntaiya discuss advantages and challenges of narrowing the gender gap.

Another Famine in Africa--Can We Break the Cycle?
Tue Aug 16 2011, Fox News  
Ritu Sharma discusses the famine's disproportionate impact on women, urging Congress to invest in the long-term solutions.

Ending Starvation in the Horn of Africa, and worldwide
Thu Aug 4 2011, The Hill  
Ritu Sharma analyzes the disproportionate impact of the famine on women and urges Congress to invest in the long-term solutions

Galvanizing Faith Communities to Empower Women Worldwide
Wed Jun 1 2011, NETWORK: Connection  
Ritu discusses the progress made by the Women, Faith, and Development Alliance and emphasizes the importance of continued partnership

Hunger Strike Aims at Congressional Cuts
Mon Mar 28 2011, CNN  
Along with religious leaders, Ritu Sharma speaks of the devastating impact the cuts would have on poor women and girls worldwide.

Fast to begin Monday to protest proposed GOP budget cuts
Sun Mar 27 2011, The Hill  
The Hill highlighted Ritu Sharma and others for beginning hunger fasts to protest proposed budget cuts that will impact the hungry worldwide

Agricultural Policy is Gender Policy
Wed Mar 16 2011, IPS  
IPS published this article discussing the benefits investing in women can have on poor communities and economic development as a whole.

Women Can Feed the World
Tue Mar 8 2011, ONE  
Highlight of Women Thrive's 3rd International Women's Day Breakfast message that women will play a critical role in feeding the world

Preventing the next global food crisis
Tue Mar 8 2011, Politico  
Authors urged Congress to not slash funding to the small farmers who will play a critical role in feeding a population of 7 billion.

In Afghanistan, U.S. shifts strategy on women's rights as it eyes wider priorities
Mon Mar 7 2011, Washington Post  
After a shift in USAID's strategy for gender issues in Afghanistan, Sharma argues that the new approach threatens to leave women behind

US aid cuts could drive troops to Africa
Fri Mar 4 2011, AFP  
Report on Women Thrive's "Seven Billion to Feed" event highlighting the effect slashing US foreign aid would have on unrest

Gender and the QDDR
Tue Mar 1 2011, InterAction's "Monday Developments Magazine"  
Jalan discusses the recently-released State Department QDDR, emphasizing that while the new plan offers opportunities, it requires follow-up

The Richest Leaders, the Poorest Women
Wed Nov 11 2009, Washington Post  
She has a second-grade education. I have two higher degrees. She can barely read and write....Who is a better leader?

Cutting Off aid to Honduras Would Hit the Poor Hardest
Tue Oct 6 2009, Baltimore Sun  
Women Thrive President Ritu Sharma's opinion piece on why the poor are most affected by US aid cuts due to Honduras' military coup.

World Bank, NGOs Exhort G20 Not to Forget the Poorest
Wed Sep 16 2009, Inter Press Service (IPS)  
Women Thrive President Ritu Sharma at press conference on why G20 leaders should discuss global food security at the Pittsburgh summit.

Clinton puts spotlight on women's issues
Tue Aug 18 2009  
Women Thrive President Ritu Sharma was quoted about Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's commitment to global women's issues.

Women could help solve the global hunger crisis
Wed Jul 22 2009  
Op-ed by Women Thrive President Ritu Sharma was run by the St. Louis Post Dispatch, Boston Herald, and Huffington Post.

Afghan Women's Situation a Test Case for Obama Administration's Foreign Assistance Policy
Thu May 14 2009, Huffington Post  
Women Thrive president Ritu Sharma on why the US needs to focus on economic development for men and women to improve security in Afghanistan

All over the globe, women are victims of the credit crisis
Thu Oct 23 2008  
Ritu Sharma, co-founder and president of Women Thrive Worldwide, shares her thoughts on the economic crisis and its impact on women, "as it threatens to reverse the remarkable gains they have made in recent years."

Aid funds not enough, groups say
Wed Jun 18 2008  
Food shortages in several countries, the catastrophic cyclone in Burma and a growing number of Iraqi refugees pouring into Jordan are all competing for attention -and money - on Capitol Hill. The growing list of priorities may mean that a few lesser-known projects in places like Burkina Faso, one of the world's poorest countries, could be lost in the money shuffle.

Disasters take greatest toll on women
Sat May 17 2008  
This op-ed piece by Women Thrive Worldwide President Ritu Sharma Fox discusses the added difficulties for women in coping with natural disasters.

Female stars to launch new campaign to aid poor women, girls
Mon Apr 14 2008  
A stellar alliance of women from government, advocacy groups, faith-based organizations and Hollywood launched a major anti-poverty campaign Sunday to help poor women and girls around the world. The alliance, which has the backing of Liberian President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, Queen Noor of Jordan, and former US secretary of state Madeleine Albright, among other luminaries, announced it had amassed fundraising commitments of $1.481 billion at its first summit held at Washington's National Cathedral.