Volunteer Opportunities

Annandale Christian Community for Action (ACCA)

Volunteer Coordinator: Mary Lee Di Spirito, ddmld@verizon.net, 703-256-9513

Description of Volunteer Opportunities/Responsibilities:
Child Development Center (703-236-0100) Assisting teachers in preschool or infant center. Donating a tuition scholarship. Make or launder cot sheets.

Family Emergency Assistance (mmarkey48@earthlink.net) Serve from home or workplace as a "money captain" (1 wk every 3 mo) to take referrals and provide for financial assistance.

Food Pantry (henry.jean@verizon.net) 1) Serve from home or workplace as a "food captain" (1 wk every 3 mo) to take referrals for food and hygiene necessities, then assign a driver to make the delivery. 2) Serve (as often as you choose) as a driver to deliver food and other necessities from the Pantry to a needy family. 3) Organize a food collection for the Pantry. 4) Shop for bulk items (requires truck/van).

Furniture (703-256-9513 or ddmld@verizon.net) 1) Join a team to pick up and deliver "gently used" furniture on Saturday mornings (as often as you choose). 2) Be available during the week (for a couple of hrs) to pick up and deliver.
3) Donate gently used furniture. 4) Interpreting for clients whose English is limited. 5) Donate gently used furniture for the program, limited to ACCA's service area. 6) Pick up can be arranged for large donations from hotels, retirement homes, offices for items used in the program.

Transportation (mimisama@aol.com) Drive elderly clients to and from medical appointments (as often as you choose).

Grant Development (mlecos@cox.net) Assist with research, grant writing, and reporting.

Finance Committee (nhicks4@cox.net) Provide financial oversight and expertise for ACCA Inc. and Child Development Center.

Meals on Wheels (ddmld@verizon.net) deliver meals M-F in the Annandale Area or Sat/Sun also in the Annandale area.
Be a regular driver and take a day of the week or a substitute to be called on when a driver is needed.

Number of Volunteers: 300-400

Types of Volunteers Needed: Adult-individual; Adult-group; Teen (13 and up)-individual; Teen (13 and up)-group; Family; Holiday; Other

Training Requirements: Training differs by program and task. New volunteers receive orientation from Program Coordinators and mentoring from experienced volunteers.

Hours Needed: Weekday; Weekday Evening; Weekend Day; After School. Hours vary by program. Contact Program Coordinator

Easily Accessible by Public Transportation: Yes

Volunteer Center Affiliations: Volunteer Fairfax

Ideas for a Team or Group Activity: Yes. Furniture pick-up and delivery. Painting, clean-up and gardening at the Child Development Center. Stocking shelves, maintenance, and inventory at the Food Pantry. Organizing a food drive.

Suggestions for a Drive to Benefit this Organization: Food drives. Donations of basic furniture from corporations and hotels that are upgrading. Up-to-date computers and peripherals for the Child Development Center classrooms and families.


Events seeking volunteers

None currently.