Volunteer Opportunities

Mobile Medical Care

Volunteer Coordinator: Kalina Elitsina, kelitsina@mobilemedicalcare.org, 301-841-0836

Description of Volunteer Opportunities/Responsibilities:
Volunteers are a vital component of MobileMed's ability to deliver quality health care services to thousands of uninsured and homeless patients, with as little administrative cost as possible. Ongoing volunteer needs include: Medical Providers (Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants); Registered Nurses; Registered Dietitians; Licensed Practical Nurses; Pharmacists; Medical and Nurses Assistants; Diabetic Educators; Interpreters; Clinic Registrars; Medical Records Assistants; Office and Data Managers; Accountants; Fundraising and Development Assistants; Volunteer Support, etc.

Number of Volunteers: 260 (approx.)

Types of Volunteers Needed: Adult-individual; Adult-group; Teen (13 and up)-individual; Teen (13 and up)-group; Family; Holiday

Training Requirements: All Clinical volunteers must make a site visit to the proposed clinic where they will be volunteering as part of their application. Upon completion of the application process, clinical volunteers must attend a two hour orientation and training session prior to commencing tasks at their clinic site.
General support volunteers receive orientation and training on an individualized basis prior to commencing volunteer activities, based on their proposed responsibilities.

Hours Needed: Weekday; Weekday Evening; Weekend Day; After School. weekend day is only in the event that a special volunteer project is coordinated

Easily Accessible by Public Transportation: Yes

Volunteer Center Affiliations: Montgomery County Volunteer Center

Ideas for a Team or Group Activity: Grounds clean-up day at our main office/clinic in Bethesda
Mobile clinic vehicle washing day in Bethesda
Website re-design and maintenance
Preparation/Stuffing of Fundraising campaign mailings

Suggestions for a Drive to Benefit this Organization: Over-the-counter medications and medical supplies (i.e.: cough syrups, allergy and cold medications, vitamins, shoe inserts, ace bandages, support stockings, etc.)
Health and beauty supplies as incentives for homeless patients


Events seeking volunteers

None currently.