Volunteer Opportunities

Project Mend-A-House

Volunteer Coordinator: Andrea Saccoccia, projectmendahouse@msn.com, 703-792-7663

Description of Volunteer Opportunities/Responsibilities:
We gladly accept all volunteer skill levels from skilled carpenters, electricians, plumbers, floorers, roofers, heating and air conditioning professionals, masons, handymen and handywomen, and folks that have a compassionate heart and a willingness to beautify yards and paint.

Number of Volunteers: 50+

Types of Volunteers Needed: Adult-individual; Adult-group; Teen (13 and up)-individual; Teen (13 and up)-group; Family

Training Requirements: None

Hours Needed: Weekday; Weekend Day.

Easily Accessible by Public Transportation: No

Volunteer Center Affiliations: Other (Provide the name)

Ideas for a Team or Group Activity: Yes, our organization loves corporate team building days. We can accomodate small groups of about 8 perform painting and clean-up projects, flooring removal, ramp building projects, etc.

Suggestions for a Drive to Benefit this Organization: Daily assistive living equipment drive to include stairway climbers, portable ramps, transfer benches, walkers, wheelchairs, raised toilet seats.

Also we collect new and gently used building materials like cabinets, tubs, surround showers, sinks, faucets, light fixtures, flooring, doors, windows, trim, office and home furniture, appliances, pavers, garage doors, concrete and wood for ramps, etc.


Events seeking volunteers

None currently.