What We Do: for Donors

Connect Personal Passions with Local Giving

We help donors find local charities that inspire them in their communities. Each November, the Catalogue for Philanthropy creates an informative, imaginative, and attention-seizing catalogue to share our charities' stories and to honor their work.

So, what’s your passion? Do you want to protect the Potomac? Support arts education in Capitol Hill? Facilitate job training in Arlington? Provide housing in Silver Spring? The charities in our network serve many communities and countless critical needs. With 76 featured in this year’s print Catalogue (and 368 on our website), donors can find what inspires them … and feel proud to “give like a local.”

Take the Guesswork out of Giving

We all approach charitable giving with the best intentions, but exercising due diligence before making a donation is no small endeavor. That is why each year we set out to do the important work of evaluating each of our nonprofits … so you don’t have to!

Our local charities are vetted by local experts who look beyond the traditional metrics of evaluation and address questions that people don’t always think to ask, or have the time to assess: What need is a nonprofit meeting? Is it doing so with excellence? Are its finances sound? What impact, tangible or intangible, is it having on the community it serves? This is how we determine which nonprofits are truly among “the best”, helping donors feel confident that their giving makes an impact.

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Make Giving Easy

When donors like you give through the Catalogue, there’s no need for multiple checks or giving through multiple websites. You can make one donation and, as your agent, we’ll distribute your funds as you direct – with no administrative fees to worry about. We raise funds separately to support our work so that all of your funds can go directly to our nonprofits who can then receive the full benefit of your generosity.

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